Some Artists You Should Stream on Spotify
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There are certain times when you should step out of mainstream music and listen to music from some underrated artists instead. These underrated artists have a lot of talent and the only problem is that they are still waiting to be discovered. You may listen to a lot of underrated artists on Spotify. In order to stream their music at the best sound quality, you need to make sure that your internet is fast enough to stream files at a higher bit rate so do look into Spectrum Internet to make sure you make the best out of your music experience. 

If you ever intend on listening to some underrated music artists, then keep reading ahead since we have an entire list prepared for you. We’ll even give you some song suggestions for you to listen to so that you could be the judge yourself:

Tame Impala

How could we talk about underrated and not mention Tame Impala? Tame Impala is a criminally underrated artist, given all the talent that they have. The fun thing about Tame Impala is the fact that it is actually a one-man band. It is solely run by Kevin Parker who works on everything that you hear in a Tame Impala song, from the lyrics to the instruments to even the basic beat and the effects. Kevin tends to add an 80s vibe to his songs which makes them so interesting and fun to listen to. 

Some songs that you should listen to include The Less I Know the Better, Let It Happen, New Person Same Old Mistakes, Borderline, Breathe Deeper, and Elephant

Taylor Swift

Though not underrated, Taylor Swift is still among the artists you should definitely listen to, especially if you are someone who has gone through a heartbreak or multiple heartbreaks. It seems as if Taylor already knows how you are feeling and she has created a song for it. Taylor has a very sweet voice, which makes nearly all of her songs very captivating. She has even been mentioned in Brooklyn Nine-Nine as Jake Peralta’s favorite singer. You should also focus on the lyrics of the songs since they have very deep meanings and could resonate well with how you are feeling. 

Some of the best Taylor Swift songs that you should listen to include All Too Well (10 Minute Version), I Knew You Were Trouble, Wildest Dreams, Blank Space, august, Maroon, and Red


If you want an instant rush of adrenaline and euphoria, then Coldplay is definitely the band for you to listen to. Coldplay has some really uplifting songs that can make you feel happy and motivated even when you are feeling extremely down. There is something about Chris Martin’s voice that just adds beauty to whatever song he sings. Coldplay has been around for a lot of years now and even today it is among the streamed bands in the world. They even held online concerts for free when the world was under lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you looked into it, you would also find out that Coldplay is among the most loved bands all over the world. 

Some amazing songs by Coldplay that you should listen to include Magic, Ink, Yellow, Fix You, A Sky Full of Stars, Hymn for the Weekend, Something Just Like This, Paradise, Viva La Vida, The Scientist and Adventure of a Lifetime

Collin Selman

Collin Selman is also among the most underrated yet talented artists in the world. He has more of a chill kind of vibe, with the kind of songs you would want to listen to when you want to relax. Not only does he make a lot of effort in his vocals but he also makes sure that the music and the instruments in his songs sound amazing as well. Even though he is still a young boy, he still has great potential to go even higher and become more popular among listeners. 

Some of the best songs by Collin Selman that you should listen to include YOUlogy, dayDREAM, and ETC.

Arctic Monkeys

If you are a fan of the Indie vibes, then how could you not listen to Arctic Monkeys? Among the best in the genre, Arctic Monkeys range from having a mellow and chill vibe to something that would make you want to learn to play an electric guitar as well. The lead singer, Alex Turner, has a great vocal range which makes all of the songs super fun to listen to. Therefore, you should miss out on songs by Arctic Monkeys because they will definitely be worth your while. 

Some songs by Arctic Monkeys that you should definitely listen to include I Wanna Be Yours, Do I Wanna Know?, Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?, R U Mine?, Knee Socks, Arabella, Snap Out of It and Do Me a Favour

Wrapping Up

These are some of the artists that you need to make sure are in your playlist because if they are not, you would be missing out on a lot. So go on and add all of them to your playlist so you would see how amazing all of them are!

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